chris gittins for selectman
chris gittins for bedford selectman

Building Bedford Together

Bedford was rural when my grandparents moved here in the 1950s. Now we are suburban. Although the details of day-to-day life here have changed, I believe our hopes for our lives, our children’s lives, and for the future are much the same. We have a strong foundation upon which we can pursue our dreams–

✓ good schools, safe neighborhoods, and welcoming neighbors;
✓ clean air and water;
✓ good health and recreation centers; and
✓ opportunities for gainful employment and the physical means to get there.
I am running for Selectman because I have been inspired by the many citizen initiatives that contribute to our vibrant town. I want to learn about and act upon residents’ hopes for a better today, and tomorrow...
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The Issues

Embrace and support Bedford’s changing demographics—economic, cultural, and life stages.
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Support citizen initiatives that reduce Bedford’s carbon footprint while providing municipal buildings with the resources they need.
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Reduce traffic with more public transit infrastructure and regional mass transit initiatives. Prioritize efforts to connect neighborhoods with safe pedestrian and bicycle routes.
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