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I moved to Bedford in 2001, into the house that my grandparents built in 1951. Like many families of that era my grandparents moved out from the city in pursuit of a modern home in a peaceful, smaller community.

My grandfather made electronics at General Radio and my grandmother worked in the cafeteria at Page School -- now Page Place Condominiums. They were parishioners at St. Paul’s. My father was a member of the first graduating class at Bedford High School in 1958. He played on the football team and worked at Blue Ribbon Dairy, which was located where Blue Ribbon Plaza is today.

I am fortunate to still live in my grandparent’s house, but now with my wife and two children. My wife, Stacy Chandler, works at an area preschool, and my children attend the Davis and Lane Schools. I am a scientist and engineer with a 25-year career that includes project management and leadership at a small business as well large corporations.

We maintain a connection with the past even as we have adapted our house to meet 21st-century concerns. My grandmother enjoyed gardening and we have continued this tradition with our pollinator-friendly wildflowers, fruit trees, and berry bushes. I think that my grandfather would approve of the solar panels we’ve installed and the energy efficiency upgrades we’ve made.

I love the sense of continuity of raising my family where my father grew up and have a deep respect for the values that make Bedford such a great place to live.
Bedford was rural when my grandparents moved here. Now we are suburban. Although the details of day-to-day life here have changed, I believe our hopes for our lives, our children’s lives, and for the future are much the same.

Bedford has a strong foundation upon which we can pursue our dreams:
✓ Excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and welcoming neighbors;
✓ Clean air, clean water, and beautiful recreational areas; and
✓ Gainful employment opportunities that are accessible.

I am running for Selectman because I have been inspired by the citizen initiatives that contribute to our vibrant town, and I want to hear and act upon residents’ concerns for our future.

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